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Weapon Lubrication

Strike Force

Weapon’s Oil

The Most Advanced Protection For Your Weapons, Under The Most Extreme Conditions.

We Guarantee It.

  • Strike Force is a highly stabilized weapons lube that will stand up under the harsh condition of sustained semi-auto fire.
  • Strike Force is currently being used by select military contractors, separately, for the assembly of their weapons production runs and components.
  • Strike Force weapons lube contains state of the art high pressure additives that allow Strike Force to provide superior protection in high-pressure, high-friction areas such as locking lugs, slide actions, bolt bodies, piston driven actions and anywhere high-pressure, high-friction wear protection is needed.
  • Strike Force provides excellent protection from all the elements an operator or outdoorsman will encounter. From Baghdad to the Arctic, Strike Force will provide the needed long term protection to operate in the most hostile environments, keeping your mind on the business at hand and not your weapon’s condition.
  • Strike Force has special cleaning agents that will suspend contaminates stopping them from contacting mating surfaces thereby preventing premature wear.
  • Like our other lubricants, Strike Force has the same additives that allow it to provide the needed protection from -30 below to 450 degrees.   
Extreme Force
Intense Weapon’s Lube
The Most Advanced Semi-Heavy Lubricant For Your Weapons.
Under The Most Extreme Conditions
We Guarantee It. 
  • Got a full-auto that you like to run? A semi-auto that you run near full-auto? Extreme Force is the weapons lube you’ve been looking for. This heavier bodied lubricant will absolutely stay where you put it, no matter the test, no matter the condition.
  • Extreme Force base lubricants have stood the test under the most grueling conditions of high-heat, high-pressure industrial trials while being exposed to everything man and nature could throw at it.
  • From full-auto handguns to all-out Miniguns and everything in between, Extreme Force will excel whatever the test. Bring it on!
  • Like our other lubricants, Strike Force has the same additives that allow it to provide the needed protection from -30 below to 450 degrees.
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